Goshin-Do Aiki-Jujutsu - Dai Nippon Gendai Bushikan Renmei
Learn the traditional Japanese art of the Samurai.
Goshin-Do Aiki-Jujutsu  (Ju-Jutsu)
Why study Ju-Jutsu? The answer is simple....to prepare yourself  for the reality of a violent confrontation.  We train in Ju-Jutsu not for sport but for realistic training to protect and defend yourself if the need arises.
No other system of self defense employs the full range of tactics that belong to Ju-Jutsu including defenses against armed and unarmed attackers. Striking and kicking techniques (Atemi Waza),  throwing (Nage Waza),  joint locks (Kensetsu waza), ground techniques (Ne Waza),  pressure points and nerve attacks (Kyosho Waza)
The techniques taught are a very effective form of self defense for women and have also been used by police departments throughout Japan and the world for there effectiveness with restraint and control techniques.
I have instructed members of Law Enforcement officers & personnel around the country. Nobody understands the dangers of a life and death confrontation better than a Law Enforcement officer. If you are currently employed in such a field than this training could possibly save your life or help you safe the life of those you have sworn to protect.
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